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Photo Review: Beautiful Death Tour Orlando, FL - 2/22/18

In partnership with New Fury Media. I recently attended and photographed the Beautiful Death Tour featuring Kyle Lucas, Dayshell, Ghost Town, and Slaves. This took place in Downtown Orlando at Soundbar (Backbooth's new name.)

First up was rapper Kyle Lucas. I had seen Kyle first perform in 2016 in Orlando, and it had been a while since he came back but sounded better than ever. Drawing in the crowd especially with his surprise duet. Bringing out Slaves' vocalist Jonny Craig, the crowd went wild as the two began to sing the well-known song "I Still Feel Her Pt. 5." 


Next to perform was the band Dayshell, led by vocalist Shayley Bourget (the old clean vocalist for Of Mice & Men.) The band played familiar songs such as "Not Coming In" and "Low Light." The band got the crowd hype with some post-hardcore jams.


Following was Ghost Town, a band I hadn't seen live since my first show when they opened for Issues' headliner tour in 2014. Playing old songs such as, "Tentacles" and "You're So Creepy" while switching it up for newer songs such as "Modern Tragedy" and "Hell." The crowd was moshing and stage diving and causing a scene.


Finally the band everyone came to see took the stage, Slaves. The tour name itself was in honor of the band's recent album release titled Beautiful Death which is one of my personal favorite albums of 2018 so far. Mixing up songs playing old ones such as "White Girls.." and "The Fire Down Below," while also playing newer hit song such as "True Colors," "I Know A Lot Of Artists" and "Patience is the Virtue." The crowd was screaming the lyrics back and throwing themselves onto the stage left and right.


Overall every band gave an amazing performance and I thoroughly enjoyed the show. The lineup is stacked and is one of my favorites so far that I've seen. I can't wait till they all come back next time.




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